Admiral Bowman  

While playing upright bass along the water, a dark creature, known as the Admiral, emerged from the briny depths to latch onto Captain Bowman. After devouring her crew, he now forces Bowman to do his bidding: to travel far and wide and entertain at Renaissance Faires. Having a parasite isn’t really all that bad, though, since Admiral Bowman is enjoying their time playing music with Above the Gaff.

Captain Dixie Whiskey


Captain Fiddlesticks

After the wreck of her bonnie ship, Captain Fiddlesticks came up shore with her drums to start a group of buccaneers but found more success making music with a band of scallywags. Now she is determined to raise enough money to rebuild her ship and take to the seas once more.

Captain Swanhilda Stringbender

Captain Stringbender did her best to stop her crew from listening to the siren’s call, but they would not listen to her. After their untimely demise, she decided to bring her songs to faires to give others a chance against the sirens, should they meet.