Admiral Bowman  

While playing upright bass along the water, a dark creature emerged from the briny depths to latch onto Bowman. Now, forced to do the Admiral’s bidding, Bowman travels far and wide to entertain at Renaissance Faires. Having a parasite isn’t really all that bad, though, since Admiral Bowman is enjoying their time playing music with Below the Gaff.

Barnicle Betty

Once a Siren using her alluring call to cause ships to crash against the rocky coast of New England, Barnicle Betty now spends her time entertaining guests at Renaissance Faires. As the lead singer of Below the Gaff, Barnicle Betty is sure to entertain with her captivating voice and comical wit. Just don’t let her lead you to the murky depths.

The Captain

After the wreck of her bonnie ship, The Captain came up shore with her mandolin to start a group of buccaneers but found more success making music with a band of scallywags. Though she hasn’t quite forgiven Barnicle Betty for distracting her helmsmen and sinking her vessel, she is determined to raise enough money to rebuild her ship and take to the seas once more.

Yeoman Boatswain

Upon discovering the shipwreck of the Cape Horn Star and helping to repair the ship, Yeoman Boatswain was recruited to join the Captain’s band on fiddle. Although she used to avoid the watery depths for fear of menacing sea creatures, she has decided to join the crew in search of adventure.